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TopSpeed ODBC Driver

Access TopSpeed Databases Using Database Query and Reporting Tools

SoftVelocity has just released an updated ODBC driver for accessing TopSpeed (.TPS) data files. This release offers major enhancements to the supported SQL syntax and conforms to the ODBC 1 specification with many Level 2 features. The TopSpeed ODBC driver allows you and your customers to use popular productivity tools including Crystal Reports and Microsoft Excel to connect to TopSpeed databases.

What else can the new driver do? Well, in addition to making your Clarion applications play nice with other software tools like the Microsoft Office suite, it can make your development a bit easier and your applications more flexible.Want more technical details? The new driver supports the ODBC Level 2 API (most of it). It has support for the SQL statements: GROUP BY, HAVING, AVG, COUNT, MAX, MIN, SUM. It supports left outer joins, nested sub-selects, scrollable cursors, multilevel outer joins and scalar functions.

Enhancements in version 5.0

Version 5 delivers new functionality and improvements in key areas.

Release 5.0 features improvements in performance and more reliable connectivity with external tools such as . Microsoft Data Transformation Service (DTS), Microsoft Access and Excel. Version 5 is also compatible with the ADOdb Database Abstraction Library for PHP.

  • SQLStatistics now returns information for all keys and indexes, not just the primary key
  • Driver improved performance when working wih large Strings and Decimals
  • Wild cards can be used in the Extensions configuration option
  • MS Access sends invalid information to SQLColumns if a table name has an _ character in it, the driver now detects this invalid information and transforms it into what Access should have passed
  • Catalog functions will accept table names that are in quotes
  • Added "Use '_' as seperator for the extension" option to work around bug in Access / DTS where it cannot handle tables that have a . or /& in them
  • ULONG fields can be treated as DATE or TIME fields
  • Improved performance when reading MEMO and BLOB fields
  • The driver supports the szTableType parameter of SQLTables
  • The driver returns the correct scale of a decimal field even if the field definition is less than 0.1
  • The driver returns results for DISTINCT of more than one column in the SELECT list
  • A File level DSN that points at a single file used to refer to that file as UNNAMED. You can
    now refer to the file as UNNAMED or by the physical file name

Enhancements in verison 4.0

  • More efficient threading system based on the Clarion 6 core
  • Improved support for SQL syntax
  • INNER is now optional and assumed if you just do JOIN. This conforms to the SQL 92 spec
  • Added support for JOIN syntax without the {oj}
  • Increased the 255 character limit on string literals to 15000
  • BLOBs over 16 mb can now be stored and accessed
  • Updated to work with office XP
  • Improvement: SQLTables returns the list of table, catalog, or schema names, and table types, referenced by the data source. The driver now handles special cases of mixed superfiles and varied physical file extensions correctly.

Here are some more details on the supported SQL syntax.

TopSpeed ODBC Interface Syntax


Copyright © 2007 SoftVelocity, All rights reserved worldwide