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Data Dictionary and Data Diagrammer

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The Data Dictionary is the starting point for your application. The Data Dictionary stores
the Database Schema: a description of the layout of the data, such as its physical location, tables, column properties. It can even store tables from multiple data sources, such as tables from an Oracle database, plus tables from a Microsoft SQL Server database, making both available to any applications generated from the dictionary.

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It is also where you define your Business Logic, including constraints and validation rules, such as an employee may have only one social security number, or item discount may not exceed item price, or customer numbers in one table must exist in a master customer table. It goes much further storing values such as status bar Help messages for each field, and default values used when adding a new record.

Compare Coulmn Properties
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You can simultaneously edit as many Tables as you like, and easliy arrange Columns so you can compare their properties.

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The Data Diagrammer provides a graphical Entity-Relation diagram of your Dictionary. You can customize almost every aspect of the diagram; colors, fonts, scaling, and more.

* Available in Enterprise Edition

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It includes tools for creating test data, produces documentation with various levels of detail, and can be printed, saved to an Image file, or to a PDF.


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Data Dictionary
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